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Fundraiser at Indigo Girls ConcertBlue 7th Picnic Fundraisers -- Indigo Girls @ The McCarter Theater on February 8, 2006

On February 8th the Blue 7th PAC will hold a cocktail party in Princeton, NJ at 6 p.m., and then go to see the Indigo Girls at the McCarter Theater at 8 p.m. The Indigo Girls are an excellent, Grammy winning folk-rock band, and this show has been sold out since September. It's a hot ticket, folks!

Tickets are just $100 a head for the concert, and $150 for the cocktail party and concert. There's only 100 tickets available! Sponsorships are available, as well. $500 for the Host Committee (2 tickets to Party & Concert), $1000 for Patrons (4 tickets to Party & Concert), $2500 for Sponsors (6 tickets to Party & Concert) and $5000 for Honored Guests (10 tickets to Party & Concert).

Tickets and sponsorships are available now online!

All funds raised will go towards building a Democratic majority in the Congress by working locally to build grassroots support and expose Republican hypocrisy. You can download a flyer for the event in PowerPoint and PDF. Contact picnic @ blue7th com or call (908) 561-6387 for more information on this and future Blue 7th PAC events.

We Need Your Support

Blue 7th PAC was created because the 7th district needs a progressive member of Congress representing it, and we believe that unless we do the work ourselves it will not get done. Once we make this district a competetive district the state and national dollars and resources will flow, but we need to do the initial work ourselves to show we care enough to win.

Please consider making a financial contribution of $25, $100, $250 or $1000 to the Blue 7th PAC that we can use to educate the public and make a difference.

Not everyone can make a financial contribution, but all of us can do something to make a difference. We can write letters to the editor, hold a pot-luck picnic fundraiser at our home, do research at the local library, call the Ferguson office for clarification of his positions, or any number of other things to support the effort. Please fill out this volunteer form today to join the Blue 7th PAC efforts to turn New Jersey's 7th Congressional district blue.

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